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Video Tutorial – Using Reflectors by The Slanted Lens

Source – The Slanted Lens

Video – The Fastest Way To Change DSLR Lens

Source – Jasmine Star via The LifeHacker

Video Tutorial – Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush Quick Tip

Source – Trevor Dayley

The Basics of Time Lapse Photography with Vincent Laforet from Canon

Great two part series from Vincent Laforet courtesy of Canon North America. Real intuitive demo videos on how to shoot time lapse photography.

Source – Canon USA

10 Important Lightroom Library Shortcuts and Tips

Source – SLRLounge

Video Tutorial – How to Shoot An Event: Photography & Video Lighting

Yet another informative video tutorial from the guys over at the Slanted Lens.  Watch it and maybe you can pick up a few tricks. As usual, this video is also linked under our Video Tutorials – Misc… Interviews, Photography Tips… etc Page under the Blog Section, check out for another informative video tutorials.

Source – The Slanted Lens

Lightroom Tips – How To Manage HDR & Bracket Pics

Source – Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips

Window Lighting Photography Tips

Source – Pretty Presets and Mom and Camera via photographyblogger.net

Michael Frye’s Two Part Video Series on Lightroom 4 – Tone Control & Workflow

According to Michael Frye, the first video above explains some of the differences between the old and new processes, how the new tools work, and the ways they affect an image’s appearance. Here are some of the main points:

– The automatic highlight recovery and black point setting in the new process (2:00)

– Why you should avoid updating older images to the new process—unless you want to start over (5:04)

– The new tools: some of the names are familiar, but they all behave differently (7:30)

– Starting points: the numbers are different, but the defaults are really the same (8:53)

– An in-depth look at each of the new Basic Tone controls and how they work (12:38)

HI the second video, Michael talks about how to use these new tools to process both low- and high-contrast images and I quote:

“Here are some of the main points:

– Where to begin? If you’ve read my eBook Light and Land, or watched one of my previous videos about curves, you know that in the old process I preferred starting with all the Basic tone controls set at zero, and the point curve linear. Does this still apply in the new process? (1:10)

– Curves or sliders? The new Basic Tone sliders are much better than the old ones; are they good enough to replace the Point Curve? (10:30)

– Does the order matter? Adobe suggests using the Basic tools in order from top to bottom, starting with Exposure, then Contrast, and working down to Highlights, Shadows, Whites, and Blacks—essentially working from the midtones out to the black point and white point. But this contradicts a long-standing tradition in digital imaging of setting the black point and white point first. Should you stand with tradition, or embrace the new order? (13:02)

– Processing a high-contrast image. (21:04)”

You can catch rest of the reading at the following blog post via Outdoor Photographer:

Lightroom 4: New Tone Controls

Lightroom 4: Working With the New Process

Beginners Guide to Off-Camera Lighting and Control

This Event Space Workshop led by Erik Valind covers the characteristics of light, camera settings that control that light, and the steps for building an off-camera lighting setup.

Source – B&H via Picture Correct