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Our Tweets of the Week – 21 January 2012

Each week, we at PASM Workshop runs up the all the great tweets from around the photography community worldwide, to check the latest news on photography, camera gears and accessories, great photographers interview, Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials and tips….etc. Follow us on Twitter @pasmworkshop.

Herre are this week’s top tweets –

20 Jan, 2011 Camera Of The Year – Sony Alpha #NEX-7

19 Jan, Rumor: #Instagram may hit Windows Phone 7 before it reaches Android

  • Instagram is rumoured to be close to launching for Windows Phone 7 (WP7), after sources told FastCompany that an app for the hugely popular photo sharing service may even be finished for the Microsoft operating system (OS) ahead of its planned arrival on Android.

19 Jan, Book Review: Joe McNally’s “Sketching Light”

19 Jan, Will #Lightroom 4 Be Worth The Upgrade Cost?

  • From what I’ve seen of the Beta (minus the occasional crash) I really enjoy the improvements Adobe has made and will gladly plop down money to upgrade. I believe the improvements will give me better results faster. The increased speed in processing and moving between images from Library to Develop alone is worth the expense to me as time is money for me when it comes to play with pictures.

17 Jan, #Snapseed on the Mac is a great tool for hobbyist photographers

  • The bottom line is that Snapseed, like its iOS predecessor, is a fun, useful tool that should help those who take photos for fun get even more enjoyment out of them. Unlike more full-featured editing suites, it won’t require you to dedicate time and effort to becoming not only a good photographer, but an expert on editing software as well.

15 Jan, Photo Advice to Non-Professional Wedding Photographers

13 Jan, Side by side: Nikon D4 Vs. Canon EOS 1D X – which should you buy?

  • I’ve been intrigued by some of the chatter I’ve seen where people say the Nikon D4 trumps the Canon EOS-1D X, but in reality, I see that it comes down to maybe one or two features that people see (like the uncompressed HDMI output and/or the headphone jack) that seem to sway things toward the newNikon. But it again depends on your needs.
  • And, if you look up and down the specs, it seems there are quite a few interesting things that people ignore or forget when comparing – specifically, Canon “wins” on the megapixels (18 ‘beats’ 16 right?), burst (fps), ISO is 2 stops better (without expansion), timecode, multi-exposures, dual axis leveling, and others. Nikon “wins” with timelapse support, HDMI output, headphone jack, in camera zoom, possibly autofocus (we’ll have to see on that!), and others.