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Video Tutorial – Photoshop Workflow on Enhancing Hair

Enhancing Hair – A Workflow from Rich Harrington from Greyson TipSquirrel on Vimeo.

Video Tutorial – Using Reflectors by The Slanted Lens

Source – The Slanted Lens

Video Tutorial – How to Tether Wireless to Lightroom

Von Wong have this great informative video up on how to tether wireless to Lightroom, check out his blog post at the following link for more updates and details,

Source – Von Wong

Video – The Fastest Way To Change DSLR Lens

Source – Jasmine Star via The LifeHacker

Video Tutorial – Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush Quick Tip

Source – Trevor Dayley

Video Tutorial – How To Shoot Day-to-Night Time Lapse Video

Beware, this tutorial almost 51 minutes long.

How to Shoot Day to Night Time-lapses from Preston Kanak on Vimeo.

The Basics of Time Lapse Photography with Vincent Laforet from Canon

Great two part series from Vincent Laforet courtesy of Canon North America. Real intuitive demo videos on how to shoot time lapse photography.

Source – Canon USA

10 Important Lightroom Library Shortcuts and Tips

Source – SLRLounge

Better Color from LED Lights

Source – DiscoverMirrorless

Video Tutorial – How To Shoot A Beverage Shot With Rob Grimm

A great video tutorial by Rob Grimm on how to shoot a beverage shot. He covers the lighting setup, angle and composition.  Most important is how to make the shot looks real.

According to the video intro, the tip is for the shoot –

It takes more than lighting effects to get beer to look this good. A mixture of water and glycerin is applied to the bottles to create those water droplets. The glycerin thickens the water and prevents the droplets from running. The head on the snifter (that’s a fancy word for cup, folks) takes time to get right. When stirred with a wooden chopstick, the carbonation in the beer explodes, giving Rob control over how large the head of foam is. When the beer has no carbonation left, it is sucked out of the glass with a pump and replaced with fresh beer for another try.

Hope you find this helpful in your next shoot.  Like us for support, thanks.

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