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AfterGlow – The Instagram-Like Photo Editing App

If you are into using Instagram, you might want to check out this new app, AfterGlow (US$0.99). The app offers Instagram-like filters and there’s quite a lot to start of with.  In shot, it features the following

  • 12 Adjustment Tools to enhance your images to perfection with ease;
  • 30 Filters, 20 of which are fully adjustable “Original Filters” and 10 “Guest Filters” created by various Instagram users.  The developers promised that there will be more free Guest Filters in the coming updates;
  • 20 Textures which includes a range of real and natural light leaks we created with 35mm film, to simplistic scratchy film textures;
  • Cropping & Transforming Tools that allows you to crop your photos with their quick and easy cropping tool with 13 different presets; and
  • 7 different Frames

If you want to find out more, Curate This Space ran an article on AfterGlow Tips and Tricks, link here. Initial response from users are pretty good, given the low introductory price, give it a try.

Source – AfterGlow, Curate This Space

Great Documentary on An Instagrammer & A Pro Photographer

This 25-minute documentary by Andy Newman features two very different photographers, an Instagrammer, Cory Staudacher and a pro photographer, Andria Lindquist. Get into their worlds and see what photography trulymeans to them, an inspirational short and hope you enjoy.

Portrait: A Documentary on Instagram and Photography from Andy Newman on Vimeo via PetaPixel

What Instagram Will Do Now with $1 Billion – Instagram Snap Camera? LOL

Funny parody video of what Instagram might do with the $1 billion from Facebook. LOL

Source – The Verge

First Look Videos on Instagram for Android, Over 1 Million Copies Sold in First 24 Hours

Instagram for Android is finally out and over 1 million copies been sold within the first 24 hours. Check out the videos embedded here for the latest news and comparison with the iOS version. So far, reviews are mixed, some says the Android version is not as good as the iOS, some vice versa, if you own both systems, you be the judge. Tell us your thoughts.

Source – The Wall Street Journal, AppJudgment, MobileNations via Hong Kong Tech Phooey

iPhoneography Exhibit – Hong Kong Instayay – 14 March 2012

This exhibit is scheduled next week at V13 Vodka Bar on Old Bailey in Sheung Wan.  Drop by if you have time to check it out.

InstaFilm – The First Film Shot Using Instagram?

INSTAFILM – First Film Made Using Instagram (Possibly) from Joe Sommerville on Vimeo.

According to Joe Sommerville, this short experimental film was made using Instagram. Every frame was put onto an iPhone and then put through the Instagram app, then every frame was put back into after effects for the final result. There was just over 350 photos put together to make this.

Source: Joe Sommerville

Everpix – One Stop Photo Cloud Storage Solution?

Everpix™ (free) lets you have all your photos in the cloud, automatically uploaded, organized and curated. View, rediscover, and share your best photos all in one place, effortlessly. Both the Mac uploader and the iPhone app are free.

All Your Photos, In The Cloud

You have thousands of photos spread out across various devices and web services: your computer, phone, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, etc.

Setting up Everpix once will automatically, and continuously, import all your photos to the cloud, where they can be accessed in one place: anytime, anywhere.

Curate Your Photos With One Click

Photos are about capturing memories, but organizing them and finding the best ones can be a real chore.

Everpix automatically organizes your photos by moments, and resolves any duplicates you may have in your collection. You don’t have to organize a thing.

Their exclusive Assisted-Curation feature is able to recognize photos that are out-of-focus, or improperly exposed, and hide them for you. The curate function can also examine series of photos of the same scene and pick the best one.

Super Simple Photo Sharing

Photo sharing is complicated: you have to configure complex share settings, understanding privacy settings, wait for photos to upload… the list goes on and on.

With Everpix, all your photos are private until you decide to share them, and once you do, it’s literally one click to get the job done. [now this is far better than iCloud]

Everpix is the best way to publish your photos to Facebook and Twitter, as well as send photos via email attachments. Select the photos you want to share, click publish, and you’re done. It’s that easy.

Source – Everpix

InstaFlow – Great Viewer for Instagram

InstaFlow lets you explore Instagram photos in an intuitive, diverting and innovative way, using stacks of photos you can infinitely expand with a tap or shrink down with a pinch.

Just connect with your Instagram account and find your own photos, the ones from your friends, the ones you liked and the popular ones, grouped in its own stacks. Each stack can be open to reveal the whole set of photos you can browse either in a scrollable grid or by swiping photos in full screen. But you can do more with InstaFlow, with just a tap on a photo you open a new bunch of stacks related to that photo. These stacks will allow you to continue the exploration, without ending. Remember that you can go back at any moment with just a pinch.
In order to provide the best user experience, InstaFlow comes with:

  • a home page, where you find the stacks of your most important photos
  • a search by tag. By entering a keyword you generate stacks for all tags starting with this keyword
  • the possibility to like a photo but also a stack, that you will find back in your home page
  • a detailed and interactive information page for each photo. Read comments and tap any name or tag to open new stacks
  • an optimized image loading for best fluidity
  • zoom in and out in a photo (for small screens)

Check it out, the app is free, at least for now. The interface is real nice for most of the Insta Apps we’ve tried out so far.

Source – jojopettv, Orange Labs

Free App – 100 Cameras in 1

100 Cameras in 1, a great app from the guys over at Stuck in Customs, I bought it a few weeks ago and been playing around with it. They have three versions of the app, the iPhone paid and free versions and the iPad versions.  I din’t quite like the iPad version as much as the iPhone version.  The free iPhone versions runs Ads every now and then which is why I went for the paid version.  The good news is that for a limited time, the paid version is FREE!

In short, it does the follows –
➤ Fast, simple, and light. Designed for speed and ease-of-use
➤ NEW – share your creations right to Instagram! [this I love most]
➤ Take unique new photos or re-create existing photos
➤ 100 different effects that use mixes of hardlight, overlay, and more with beautiful textures from around the world.
➤ A “new” kind of camera that lacks the confusing complexity of many other hard-to-use apps.
➤ Share your photos on Instagram, email, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug, and DropBox!
➤ Gamecenter support. Unlock fun achievements!

If you’re interested to get it, hop over to the iTunes Strore here . Have fun shooting.

Source – Stuck in Customs

The Complete Guide to Instagram Apps

The past year definitely is the year for  Shortly after it’s initial launch back in October 2010, Instagram has gained over 7 million users which have shared over 100 million pictures and the numbers are climbing steeply, some predicted to reach 10 million by Thanksgiving.  Alongside Instagram, a bunch of third-party apps follow suit, either as add-ons or get-on-the-wagon type useless apps.  The list is ever-growing. To know which is the best amongst these apps, we need a complete guide or roadmap just to make sure that we’re getting the right app.

The Next Web (TNW) ran a very good story today covering the major Instagram apps and breaking them down into different categories.  To name a few, their story included apps like –

  • Inkstagram
  • Pictarine
  • ExtraGram
  • Webstagram
  • Gramfeed
  • Carousel
  • Flipboard
  • InstaFB
  • Gramjunction
  • Instadrop
  • Insta-Great…….

and the list goes on and on…. practically one can make an app and have “insta” or “stagram” as part of the name an it would work, LOL.  For full read, go to the TNW link here.  Hope your find the guide useful.  Happy reading.

Source – TNW