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Short Movie 蘋行世界 by 小堅作品集@POWERACTION

老友小堅又有新戲出,PASM Workshop 一定全力支持,在此同大家分享,重有條BTS (Behind-the-scene) clip係尾。

《蘋行世界》感想之扮大製作篇: 其實拍攝<蘋行世界>最難的地方就是沒有人投資卻要扮到像大製作及電影感的確很難!最慘仲要講到好高科技~大家有冇留意過一套講高科技既片,卻沒有高科技的畫面! 但我要做到這種感覺比人的確不易! 希望大家繼續支持小弟的作品 ~ 小堅

Source – 小堅作品集@POWERACTION

DSLR Shootout by Philip Bloom – Nikon D800 / D4 / Canon 5D MKIII

Philip Bloom did a shootout on the three newest full frame DSLR, the Nikon D4, D800 and the Canon EOS 5D MKIII.  The tests are mainly on resolution, aliasing, low light and features.  For the full read-up, check out Philip Bloom’s blog post as well.  Enjoy.

Source – Philip Bloom

Video Review on the Lowepro DSLR Video Fastpack 150 AW

To see the full write-up review, check out this post over at The Phoblographer

Source – mpikers, The Phoblographer

Jochem de Vet’s Video Showcase on Filmmaker who Shot with the Sony A-77

Sony Alpha A77 | Showcase from Jochem de Vet on Vimeo.

A month ago, Joachem de Vet did this piece showcasing other filmmakers on Vimeo using the Sony A-77 (just like I do).  His story:

This video contains work from various filmmakers.

As a former Canon user I have made the switch to the Sony A77. Soon I began noticing that there was little talk on the web about the Sony Alpha A77’s video/film capabilities. The A77 is not embraced by the videographing community. My idea is that it should be, because it is one the most powerful hdslr’s on the market. To showcase the power and beauty of the A77 I’ve selected a few clips from talented filmmakers on Vimeo who had the guts to switch and try something new.
Features artists:

Randy Smith
Gunnar Radeloff
Julian van Buul
Heikki Kivijärvi
KV Films
Travel Freaks
Nenad Djedovic
FotoFreaks Malaysia
Steve Turnham
Eduard Ebel
Jeff Stiver
Martin Soldier

Rebecca Peake – Super Bowl Infinity

Source – Joachem de Vet

New Follow Focus from – Coming This May

Now this new Sidekick Follow Focus from looks really interesting.  A simple design with no bells and whistles, fits the bill when you want to go lean shooting off a monopod with no extra weight.  A bit hefty though as this baby is going for US$199.99.  More information can be found on’s website, link here.

Source –

Possible Canon 5D MKIII Recall Announcement Coming?

Word is out on the street that there might be a possible recall on the new Canon EOS 5D MKIII.  CanonRumors is running a post on the issues and the latest developments, link here.  Check the post more frequent for the latest updates.  According to their latest update, a firmware soon to be released might be able to tackle the problem.

Source – Canon Rumors

Check Out the Nikon D4 Shutter Speed in This Video

Scheimpflug Employees Jason Kolsch, and Jayson Jordan unboxed the Nikon D4 and made a quick movie, capturing it using the Phantom Gold with Zeiss CP2 Macro lenses. The scene was lit with a K5600 Joker 800, and two 400’s. Colby Moore was the Phantom Technician and editor.

Source – Scheimpflug Digital Nikon D4 from John Engstrom on Vimeo.


The Canon 5D Mark III Bible Released

Too lazy to read the manual or finding the manual a bit to dull or not enough when it comes to explanations for different functions, wishing there’s more examples to demonstrate the new features, well, this book might just be for you.

The Canon 5D Mark III Experience – The Still Photography Guide to Operation and Image Creation is an e book user’s guide that goes beyond the manual to help you learn the features, settings, and controls of this sophisticated, powerful, and highly customizable camera.  Most importantly, it explains not only how but also when and why to use the features, settings, and controls in your photography.  

For Experienced Photographers to get up and running with the 5D Mark III:
For experienced photographers coming to the 5D Mk III from the 5DII, 7D, 60D,etc., this guide explains the new and advanced features in order to quickly get you up and running and taking advantage of these capabilities, including the sophisticated new 61 Point Autofocus System and all its Modes, Area Modes, Menu options and AF Case Presets.  Plus it explains the new camera controls, the in-camera HDR and Multiple Exposures features, introduces the new video capabilities, and guides you through all the 5D MK III Menu and Custom Function items in order to help you best set up the camera and its controls for your specific shooting needs.  

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Mk 3 af autofocus metering spot partial     Canon EOS 5D Mark III Mk 3 af autofocus point zone expansion spot

Canon 5D Mark III Mk 3 HDR shooting mode Experience     Canon 5D Mark III Mk 3 comparative playback side by side image review
Example images from Canon 5D Mark III Experience:
Metering Modes, Autofocus Area Modes, HDR Shooting Mode, Comparative Playback.

You can preview Canon 5D Mark III Experience at the following link. The preview shows the Table of Contents and Introduction, sample 5D Mark III Menu Settings pages, Custom Functions pages, Camera Controls pages, and sample text pages from the PDF version:

click to Preview Canon 5D Mark III Experience  ……. more after the jump

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The Ultimate Comparison Video on Canon 5DMKIII and Nikon D800 – Warning: Adult Content

The best comparison video made to-date in my opinion, funny as hell. A must watch video this Easter. Biased? a bit.. find out yourself.

Source – Crisislab

2-Part 5D Mark III and D800 Hands-On Review by NoFilmSchool

This past week, Joe Marine over at NoFilmSchool had a 2-part review on the Canon EOS 5DMKIII vs the Nikon D800 out where Joe looked intensively at the design and operation side of both cameras in another different aspect, one from HDSLR shooter’s view.  The links to his review as follow –

5D Mark III and D800 Hands-On Review Part 1: Initial Impressions (Mark III)
5D Mark III and D800 Hands-On Review Part 2: Initial Impressions (D800)

Source – NoFilmSchool