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Swivl – The Must Have iPhone Video Accessory

Check out the all new Swivl, the one iPhone video shooting accessories. It features –

  • iOS Digital Microphone: Capture high quality digital audio through a lossless wireless connection to the marker. This enables you to capture the audio you want, even in noisy environments.
  • Tripod Compatible: The Swivl also mounts onto most standard tripods through a standard tripod nut.
  • Mounting flexibility: The grip is designed to hold your iOS device in various orientations to suit different uses. This allows you to use it with the front facing camera for Facetime or the rear facing camera for HD video shoots.
  • Battery or AC Adapter Operated: The Base operates on two AA batteries and provides you with four hours of action capture. It also can be operated with a separate AC Adapter accessory. The Marker operates on two AAA batteries and provides you with up to 10 hours of operation.
  • Gesture Controls: The marker comes with gesture control sensors built-in. Now you can control your Swivl with the sweep or the pointing of your hand.
  • Automatically Follows You: The base automatically follows the marker and you up to 33 feet (10 meters). It swivel’s 360 degrees horizontally and +10 / -20 degrees vertically when commanded from the Marker. Now you can frame your shot from anywhere.
  • iOS Compatibility: Compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPod Touch (4th Generation). Not compatible with iPhone 3GS or older, iPod (non-camera versions) and iPad.
  • In the box: The Swivl and Swivl-it come with a tripod accessory, lanyard, batteries and USB cable. The lanyard is for wearing the marker for best audio performance. The USB cable is for firmware updates and power.

Source – Swivl by Satarii from Satarii on Vimeo.

Jochem de Vet’s Video Showcase on Filmmaker who Shot with the Sony A-77

Sony Alpha A77 | Showcase from Jochem de Vet on Vimeo.

A month ago, Joachem de Vet did this piece showcasing other filmmakers on Vimeo using the Sony A-77 (just like I do).  His story:

This video contains work from various filmmakers.

As a former Canon user I have made the switch to the Sony A77. Soon I began noticing that there was little talk on the web about the Sony Alpha A77’s video/film capabilities. The A77 is not embraced by the videographing community. My idea is that it should be, because it is one the most powerful hdslr’s on the market. To showcase the power and beauty of the A77 I’ve selected a few clips from talented filmmakers on Vimeo who had the guts to switch and try something new.
Features artists:

Randy Smith
Gunnar Radeloff
Julian van Buul
Heikki Kivijärvi
KV Films
Travel Freaks
Nenad Djedovic
FotoFreaks Malaysia
Steve Turnham
Eduard Ebel
Jeff Stiver
Martin Soldier

Rebecca Peake – Super Bowl Infinity

Source – Joachem de Vet

Record iPhone Video With Stereo Sounds on the Fostex AR-4i Audio Interface for iPhone 4/4S

Check out this hot little gadget, the Fostex AR-4i Audio Interface for iPhone 4/4S (US$119.99) which enables you to record video with stereo sound or use it as a recording device using external mics or line in. Initial reviews indicated that it works pretty well with iPhone 4 but not the iPhone 4S as users reported that some statics are picked up with the iPhone 4S. Hope they can come up with an updated app to solve the problem.  You can get it from B&H now and the link is here.

Source – B&H

New Follow Focus from – Coming This May

Now this new Sidekick Follow Focus from looks really interesting.  A simple design with no bells and whistles, fits the bill when you want to go lean shooting off a monopod with no extra weight.  A bit hefty though as this baby is going for US$199.99.  More information can be found on’s website, link here.

Source –

First Look Video(s) on Sony NEX-FS700 Cinema Camera

Source – MySonyProfessionalengadget

Another Great Kickstarter Project – Galileo

What can the Galileo do? it can be used for ….

  • Video calls and conferencing – stay connected as you follow the action
  • Baby monitoring – see what you want to see, not just what the babysitter shows you
  • Remote learning – follow professors around the classroom; see who is asking questions
  • Time-lapse photography – create dynamic time-lapse videos that encompass movement along with passage of time
  • Cinematography – Shoot interesting transition shots, panning down, panning across and up, etc.  Mount the Galileo on rails and create a mini-rig for your iPhone camera!
  • Real estate photography – build 360° spherical virtual home tours with ease

Features –

  • Infinite 360° panning and tilting rotation.  200° per second pan-and-tilt speeds.
  • Remotely controlled from your iPad, iPhone, or web browser.  Swipe your finger across the screen or move your mouse to control the movement of the Galileo and your device.
  • SDK (software developers kit) for app development.  Freedom to integrate Galileo functionality into existing apps or to create entirely new apps built around the movement capabilities of Galileo.  Or build software to integrate the Galileo with other hardware (e.g. camera rails).
  • Outfitted with a standard tripod screw, the Galileo can be mounted on any tripod.
  • Fabulous charging station for your iPhone or iPod.  Charges your device while plugged in (USB cable included).
  • Rechargeable Lithium polymer battery lets you use your Galileo anywhere.

The Galileo’s initial pledge of US$100,000 has long already been met, with 15 days left, the pledge total now stands at US$417,793 and growing fast. For US$85, this gadget is a sure steal. Check out more details and pledging information at their Kickstarter page here, Kickstarter Galileo Page

Source – Kickstarter Galileo Page


Want Tickets to Sundance Screenings in London? – Enter the Langham Place Short Film Competition

Was at the Langham Place Short Films Screenings last night and they showcased three feature shorts, namely, the Club, the Spa and the Room and the most interesting part of it is that all three short films were shot with the iPhone. Check out the making of videos here and have a taste of what’s it all about.

The other highlight of the evening was when Sean Seah, Vice President – E-Business, Loyalty and Partner Marketing of Langham, announced the Langham Short Film Competition where the winner of the competition will be flown to London, stay at the awesome Langham London, be able to attend an exclusive networking breakfast with the heavy weights of Sundance Institute and other filmmakers, attend Sundance screenings and if lucky, have access to other Sundance panel events as well. So all budding filmmakers and videographers, this is definitely a competition that you want to look into.

More information on the competition and the three short films mentioned earlier after the jump…..

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Sneak Peak Video of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

#JOHNADOBE from Rob Ashe on Vimeo.

The production crew of Conan O’Brien made this awesome sneak peak (not much of a sneak peak) video on the upcoming Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.  I myself hated Final Cut Pro and made the switch, anxiously waiting to see what Adobe has under their sleeves for this release.

To see more, check out what the crew think of Final Cut Pro eight months back below.

Source – Rob Ashe, TeamCoCo


Cinematic Settings for Sony NEXs

Autumn – Getting Cinematic with the Sony NEX-5N from Manuel A. Calle on Vimeo.

Guys over at the Digital Visual have this great video out shoot great cinematic scenes with the Sony NEX-5N.  In order to produce such effects, they also posted a workflow on how to shoot cinematic shots on the Sony NEX-5N.  Well as it is pretty standard across the Sony NEX lines and the new Sony Alpha A65 and A77, the workflow can pretty much be applied to all the aforementioned models.  Try and out and see for your self.

Lens used in the shoot –

Sigma 30mm f/1.4 (Canon Mount)
Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 (Canon Mount)
Minolta 50mm f/1.7
Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 (Canon Mount)
Sony 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Kit Lens

Source – The Digital Visual

Second Good Look Video at the Edelkrone Modular 7 Rig System for DSLR/HDSLR

Back in November we showed you a quick preview on the Edelkrone Rigs.  Got a note from the guys over at Edelkrone saying that their new site is up instead of the old eBay product page.  Prices are lot lower now and the new product line are just simply awesome, you have to check it out to believe it.  The above video shows their Modular 7 system, simply AWESOME.  You can check out of of their product video over at their Vimeo Page.

Source – Edelkrone

edelkrone – Modula 7 – first look from edelkrone on Vimeo.