Video Tutorials – Post Processing Skills and Workflows

In this page, you can find video tutorials which we hope can help you enhance your post-processing skills and we also included some nice workflow videos here from some of the masters for you all to check out. Hope you find these videos useful and be able to pick up a few tricks here and there.

5 Things Terry White Would Do Every Portrait – Terry White

Compositing and Selecting Hair in Photoshop CS5 – Terry White

How to Remove An Image From The Background in Photoshop CS5 – Terry White

Scott Kelby’s Photo Retouch Using Photoshop, Lightroom & a Wacom Intuos4 – Scott Kelby

Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 37: Post Production Workflow Part 1 – Mark Wallace

Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 38: Post Production Workflow Part 2 – Mark Wallace

[Webinar] Dxo Optics Pro – First Steps

Michael Frye’s Two Part Video Series on Lightroom 4 – Tone Control & Workflow

AdobeLightroom Channel

Migrating A Lightroom Catalog by Michael Hoffman over at

Adding A Top Level Folder in Lightroom by Michael Hoffman over at

How To Get Started with Lightroom 4 – 10 Things Beginners Want To Know – Terry White