Video Tutorials – Misc… Interviews, Photography Tips… etc

In this page, you can find video tutorials on photography tips from the Masters, I hope you all find these videos useful and can pickup a few tricks along the way. Well, there are reasons why these Masters are considered Master of the Class, enjoy.

Chase Jarvis TECH: Photo Shoot In 180 Seconds

Photography Tips from Commercial Photographer Vincent Laforet

Control of Color Part 1 – Joe McNally

Control of Color Part 2 – Joe McNally

Nigel Barker’s Beauty Equation: Revealing a Better and More Beautiful You [Well, this is a video ad on his book but nonetheless we’re showing it here for the great footage on his studio shoots and the camera he uses….the Sony A900, this one for Vic)

Best Photographer’s Job – Russell James with Victoria’s Secret

The Three Basics of Exposure and Photography from Matthew Gore on Vimeo.

Dylan Bennett Video Guide – A Simple Explanation of F-Stop

The Slanted Lens – How to Shoot an Event: A Photography & Video Lighting Tutorial