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The 5th Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival – The Best Capture of the Best Maintained Building Award 流動影片製作比賽-優良保養樓宇最佳取景大獎

As part of the 5th Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival, The Best Capture of the Best Maintained Building Award Competition, sponsored by the Buildings Department is now open for application.

Entrants’ videos must capture shots of three-storey or higher private residential buildings, excluding heritage buildings, Government buildings and public housing.


  1. Recommend capturing 30+ year old private residential buildings that are well maintained, such as Chi Fu Fa Yuen, Taikoo Shing, Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Shatin City One, buildings on Mongkok Kam Lam Street, buildings across Canton Street and Soy Street, buildings on Kwun Tong Yuet Wah Street and Kung Lok Road, and buildings across Mongkok Prince Edward Road West and Perth Street.
  2. On top of emphasizing on the beauty of the buildings, bringing out the important message of how building maintenance improves the quality of life will be of advantage.

Prize: HK$5,000 Cash

Click here for more information and application download link

「屋宇署」為提升本港樓宇安全、衞生及環境水平不遺餘力,令我們的大都會盡善盡美。本屆流動影片節獲「屋宇署」特別贊助「優良保養樓宇最佳取景大 獎」,希望藉此令更多人關注樓宇保養及維修,未雨稠繆為安穩居所共同努力。只要參賽者能於其作品中,以本港超過3層高的私人住宅樓宇取景(不包括古蹟建 築、政府建築物、公共房屋等),並突出優良的保養維修對樓宇質素的影響,甚或能於片中帶出樓宇維修前後的對比,以及與住客生活質素息息相關的訊息,即有機 會奪得此大獎。



  1. 以樓齡達30年或以上保養優良的私人住宅樓宇取景。例如置富花園、太古城、美孚新邨、沙田第一城、旺角甘霖街兩旁樓宇、旺角廣東道近豉油街的樓宇、觀塘月華街一帶及功樂道一帶的樓宇,旺角太子道西/巴富街一帶的樓宇等
  2. 除突出其優美外觀,若參賽者能於片中帶出樓宇維修與住客生活質素息息相關的訊息,獲獎機會更大。

獎金: 現金HK$5,000


The Triangles in Posing

If you follow us closely on Twitter (http://twitter.com/pasmworkshop), you’ll see this interesting post we tweeted earlier today.  Rolando Gomez over at Lens Diaries illustrated what the triangles in posing truly means and the following pics are nonetheless the best illustration so far.

How many triangles can you find in this pic? Image from Lens Diaries

The answer to the question in the picture caption …… after the jump.

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