Best Way to Save Your Instagram Pics Offline

For those Instagram fanatics, apps for downloading their Instagram pics are abundant, like Copygram and Instaport, but one has to manually download the pics.  In comes Instadrop, an app which automatically push all your Instagram pics to your Dropbox and in real time.  Best yet, it’s web-based and free.  Check out Instadrop at their weblink here.

對於那些喜歡使用 Instagram 的狂熱分子,可以供他們下載 Instagram照片的應用程式,像 CopygramInstaport,都是必須自己手動下載。Instadrop,一個全自動把所有 Instagram 照片即時下載到您的Dropbox的應用程序順應而生。最好的是,它是全免費的。Instadrop 的連結在此,  試玩一吓

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