Welcome to PASM Workshop, the most unique photo studio and event space in Hong Kong.

PASM Workshop is a 2,500 square foot studio featuring a shooting lane of 20 feet by 50 feet. Starting 2014, PASM Workshop added a brand new 17-feet wide by 16-feet long white cyclorama. The shooting lane is also a multi-purpose rental area that can host lectures, workshops, exhibitions, press events, private functions, and mini runway shows. In addition, the studio also doubles as a recording studio for TV productions and TV commercials.  We are one of the best equipped photo studios in Hong Kong.

In addition to our studio space, you can hire our photographers and crew for event photography and videography at the location of your choice, as well as a full range of portrait packages. Please contact us at  sales@pasmworkshop.com or WhatsApp: 6627 5277  or Hotline: 3693 4044 to discuss how PASM can help you.

PASM also hosts numerous classes and workshops given by local and international photographers, including Emily Soto, Andy Strachwsky, JamCast, as well as photography events – most recently we hosted the launch of Open Show Hong Kong.

Our client list includes RTHK, Yahoo, Next Media, Midland Realty, Tobacco Control Office, Prime Credit, King’s Glory Education, Cosmopolitan, South China Morning Post, Habitat for Humanity China, and Plan HK.

Our commitment to giving back to the community has resulting in us participating in numerous charity events, both local and across Mainland China and South East Asia with Habitat for Humanity China and Plan HK.

PASM Workshop members can enjoy huge discounts on a wide range of photographic equipment and accessories.  Click here to access our online catalogue.

PASM Workshop 位於新蒲崗七寶街三號振發工廠大廈C座一樓 C 室, 總面積達 2,500 平方尺。主要拍攝通道的長闊是: 50 尺 x 20 尺。2014 年起, 我們更加設一條十七呎寛,十六呎深無蓬背景牆。除了一般拍攝外,主道亦可作多功能用途:開設講座、研討會、工作坊、私人聚會、展覽館和 mini runway show 等等。場地亦適合電視/電影/廣告製作。

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PASM Workshop is the official photography sponsor of Plan HK‘s Pass it on campaign.  For less than the cost of a soft drink each day, you can help provide a child with access to life’s basic necessities including safe water, schooling, and medical care. Be a part of it to create positive and lasting improvement to children’s lives.

PASM Workshop 為Plan國際培幼會柬埔寨《傳愛全心助孩童》大會攝影贊助. 每天只需港幣7元,您便可助養一名兒童,為他及他的家庭改善衛生,讓孩子能受教育,家居更安全,收入增加,使他們的整體生活得到改善.